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David Taylor manages the Cypress House, an Historic Inn nestled in the heart of old Key West.

The Cypress House is actually three wonderfully maintained homes, grouped together on the corner of Simonton and Caroline in the center of the Key West action. For years David has been utilizing the power of virtual tours to market his rooms, but there was always a couple of problems ... first, his tour was not hosted on his server, and secondly, it was difficult to explain to his guests the relation of the rooms to the property itself.

Then David came across the 247REP VR Tour. With its easy to use navigation map and high quality images, he could now deliver to his guests a far better understanding of the layout of the property while at the same time making them feel more comfortable with the decision to book their stay at the Cypress House.

In addition the 247REP VR Tour is a separate module that he could add right on to his own website and server. There was no more need to be tied into an additional hosting company, empowering him to be more in control of his web presence.

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The Facts About Destination Virtual Tours

When choosing a virtual tour for your resort or destination there are certain pitfalls you should watch for. Below is an outline of some helpful hints you should keep in mind when considering a virtual tours addition to your web site.

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"Using the 247REP banquet assistant has helped increase my online driven business dramatically. I am very happy with the obvious results..."

~ Giacomo Dressano, Chef/Owner of Award Winning- Primavera Restaurant



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Virtual tours have long reigned as the best method for destination “e-shoppers” to select their choice of stay. As more and more travelers use the Internet to decide their accommodations, you find an unmistakable increase in market-savvy destination management teams using 360 ° virtual tours to reap this growing crop of the Net’s e-shoppers.

When choosing a virtual tour it is important to be aware of the different technologies and strategies used to create an effective and intuitive 360 ° virtual tour solution.

Helpful Hints:

1. Intuitive Navigation

When constructing a virtual tour it is important to be sure that the navigation is intuitive and easy to use. Although placing ICONS and markers within the actual 360 ° images can be an exciting effect, it can often cause confusion with your visitors. Their visit to your virtual tour should be about them enjoying your presentation and not their ability to find the next icon. These techniques become more of a distraction and you have now lost their attention to your ultimate goal, “the sale”.

Simple navigation maps, or schematic type illustrations tend to be the best application. The end user intuitively knows how to use the map and they feel more comfortable to really explore your 360 ° tour. You will find the ease of use translates to more time within your site for the end user, and in turn more opportunities for increased revenues.

2. Use of Plug-ins

The use of technologies that requires any kind of special plug-in is generally a bad idea. The need for any special plug-in downloads such as QuickTime, often scares your visitors away. Use a technology that visitors most likely already have on their computers across both platforms.

3. The JavaScript Solution

JavaScript is the common denominator. The Java programming language is understood by both PC and MAC platforms and comes standard on most. Some of the later versions of Internet Explorer have a security setting that can interfere with a visitor enjoying a tour to its fullest, but with the click of a mouse they can enable that setting and get back to exploring your 360 ° VR Tour. It is important to help them do this as quickly and easily as possible.

Do not overcomplicate a simple issue. Make your explanations and or navigation directions easy to understand even for the most novice of online explorers.


247REP.com creates online interactive and informative tours of your facilities or services.

Our Virtual Tours have been used worldwide to create tours of:

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