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7 Great Questions About Virtual Tours …


1. How do I integrate a 247REP.com Virtual Tour into my website?

Your 247REP.com Virtual Tour is custom built to match your current design and corporate identity of your website presence. 247REP.com Virtual tours are created using the most common and easy to use technology ... JAVA. Java works with all browsers and both Mac and PC platforms.


2. How do I receive my 247REP.com Virtual Tour?

Your 247REP.com Virtual Tour is delivered to you digitally over the internet or on a CD-ROM. Your tour is then installed directly onto your website for you, using your company colors and graphics. The end result is a beautiful tour that works seamlessly with your website and an exciting experience for your visitors.


3. How would I schedule photography of my rooms?

Your rooms can be shot on any day pre-selected by you, preferably when your reservations may be lighter. Rooms not shot on this initial day are then shot separately over the course of the next couple of days. If needed, most of your guests would not mind helping by allowing a quick shot for your web site. To shoot a room takes only moments and can be done with any regular housekeeping visit.


4. Can you digitally edit the images to correct problems due to either lighting or subject matter?

Yes. 247REP.com Virtual Tours processes and enhances all the images it captures to give you crisp, clear and vibrant pictures. We use a combination of photography and post image capture enhancement techniques to ensure that views are captured and your property is showcased to its best advantage.



247REP.com Virtual Tours for Hotels, Resorts, and Destination Marketing


5. How big in file size are the 247REP.com Virtual Tours images (i.e., how fast will they download)?

 247REP.com Virtual Tours combines image optimization & fast internet server equipment which allows our images download extremely fast for what they are -- complete 360° x 360° submersive images are ±90k. With a 56K modem, customers typically see the images within 10 seconds. With "broadband" connections (typically cable or dsl), the images appear in seconds.


6. What kind of equipment does 247REP.com Virtual Tours use?

Our images are shot with high-end digital cameras, whereas other panoramic tours are often filmed with low quality video or digital cameras. Cameras that are no match for digital still cameras in picture quality. We use proprietary equipment designed specially for us, that allows us to capture and process very high quality images. We typically take 2 complete hemispheric images. The images are later "stitched" using special software.


7. Some tours I have seen show panoramic images that are fuzzy, or load slowly, or don't move smoothly. Why is this?

There may be a number of reasons for this. Bad photography techniques and overly aggressive image compression (a compromise between image quality & file size that results in fuzzy images) may be a factor. An inferior viewer may show images that shimmer a lot when moving. It is trying to compensate for image distortion when the user pans the image. However, this may result in less than ideal clarity & smoothness. 247REP.com Virtual Tours utilize very sophisticated panoramic viewing technology that results in high definition, high quality images and faster performance. Panoramic images that load slowly (very frustrating to the user), can be blamed on a poor performing server. 247REP.com Virtual Tours uses one of the fastest servers available, consistently outperforming competitive servers, allowing us to show bigger, higher-quality images that load more quickly.