Mira a Machu Picchu, PERU

Virtual Tour of Machu Picchu Peru including Machu Picchu Pictures details of
Machu Picchu Peru and a machu pichu guided virtual tour

Machu Picchu PERU Virtual Tour
Virtual Tour > Caretakers Hut
Virtual Tour > Funerary Rock
Virtual Tour > View of Citadel and Sanctuary
Virtual Tour > Dry Moat
Virtual Tour > Main Entrance
Virtual Tour > Quarry
Virtual Tour > Temple of the Sun < You are Here
Virtual Tour > Royal Tomb
Virtual Tour > Fountains
Virtual Tour > Temple of Three Windows
Virtual Tour > Pricipal Temple
Virtual Tour > House of the Priest
Virtual Tour > View of Central Plaza
Virtual Tour > Intihuatana
Virtual Tour > Sacred Rock
Virtual Tour > Group of Three Doors
Virtual Tour > Industrial Mortar District
Virtual Tour > Sacred Pools
Virtual Tour > Temple of the Condor

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Can you find KATO ? Help the photographer find his lost dog somewhere in Machu Picchu. Plus lots of other fun things to look for while exploring the Machu Picchu citadel. Games >>> g

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